Three Top Attractions to Enjoy on Menorca

When considering Menorca vacation options, the relaxing ambiance, the contemplative character of the island and its gorgeous beaches are just some of the aspects that tempt so many visitors every year. But apart from the often-mentioned attractions, the island also boasts some lesser-known highlights. Here are just three of the many.
A Trip to the Xoriguer Factory
Mahon is home to the island's most famous product - the famous gin of the Xoriguer factory. Made to a recipe unchanged over hundreds of years, no Menorca vacation would be complete without an encounter with the famous drink - either in its pure, straight form or as primary ingredient in an amazing cocktail. The Xoriguer factory offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the drink's history-from the point when the first batches of gin were made by the locals to meet the British demand, to the succeeding centuries of reinvention and refinement. Even those who are not prone to a tipple will appreciate the rigorous process through which every bottle is manufactured. For instance, the gin is carefully tasted every ten minutes during the brewing process to ensure everything is perfect. The result of this meticulous workmanship is a full-bodied drink with a distinct aromatic taste.
The Amazing Cave Network of Cova d'en Xoroi
The cave network of Cova d'en Xoroi has long been famous for the romantic, if tragic, legend that surrounds it. Named after the mysterious man who raised a family in the caves (yet plunged to his death in order to keep his secrets to himself), the network of caves is a much-sought-after venue these days for themed parties, music concerts and discos featuring international DJs. If you have always dreamed of dancing inside a cave, a visit to Cova d'en Xoroi will allow you to do just that - in style! A visit to the caves - either day or night - is guaranteed to be an experience you'll cherish, and a mental memento of your Menorca vacation.
Scaling Mount Toro
Not everyone who comes on a Menorca vacation will feel the need to embark on an uphill climb to Mount Toro, the island's highest point - but if you do, you will be well rewarded by spectacular views. At 358 metres, reaching the top is no easy feat, but who said that the only goal is the apex? Along the way you'll encounter jaw-dropping beauty at every point, encompassing 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside and coastline. If weather permits you may even get a glimpse of neighbouring Majorca. If you actually do meet the challenge and reach the summit, as well as the aforementioned views, you'll also be able to explore the lovely Renaissance church, a popular pilgrimage site shrouded in mystery and legend.
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