The Top 5 Attractions When Visiting Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, largest Swiss city is the centre for culture, finance and history in Switzerland. The city situated along the River Limmat spreads across a ravine on the eastern side. The top 5 attractions of this beautiful city which no tourist must miss are as below:
The Lindenhof square is the centre point of this city. This is the place where a hamlet began and soon came to be known as Zurich. Hence, the square is of historical importance. The city can be surveyed from here as it rises along the Limmat banks stretching from Bahnhofbrucke to Quaibrucke. The square resembles a rather over-sized chess set. Below the square is Bahnofstrasse- famous for being a shopping place.
Alstadt meaning Old Town has a medieval architecture with alleys and cobblestone streets. The marvellous architecture can be enjoyed only in the form of a stroll. Pay a visit to Fraumunster Church. Enjoy the famous stained glass window by Marc Chagall inside the church. The Swiss National Museum, the Museum Rietberg are some of the famous museums located here.
Chinese Garden
As a symbol of gratitude and friendship, it is said that Kunming, a Chinese city gifted this garden to Zurich. This is an ideal place for those looking for some peace and tranquillity. The garden has a beautiful pond, and an island pavilion. The predominant trees found here are the 'Three Winter Friends'- plum, pine and bamboo- that can survive winter.
Le Corbusier
Charles- Édouard Jeanneret, or Le Corbusier is the most celebrated architect of the 20th century in Switzerland. His house is located not far from the Chinese Garden. The house is made glass and steel in an unconventional fashion and is his last completed building. This house is only open for a brief period of time during the summer season.
Lakeside Promenade
It is simply foolish to visit all the major attractions of Zurich except Lake Zurich. Lakeside Promenade is a located along the shores of Zurich Lake and is a major attraction for both locals and tourists. This park is a perfect fusion between natural and artificial.
The best time to visit Zurich is during the summer seasons. The winters are very cold and bitter. There are many budget-friendly tour operators that conduct tours to this beautiful city for varying periods of time. Searching for one won't be that difficult given the technology of these times. Finalize one quickly and visit this city.
Ira Periyavallur is a travel expert.
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