5 Top Stunning Beaches of the Caribbean

The Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth. It's no surprise that when people book holidays in Caribbean luxury hotels, finding a good beach is high up on their list of priorities. Well, you won't find it hard to come across a good beach anywhere in the region! However, if you want to make sure you are on track to find the most beautiful spot, here are five of the best beaches in the region you may want to check out.
1. Fransiqui Island
If stunning, dreamlike landscapes are your thing, you won't be disappointed by a trip to Fransiqui Island (in Los Roques National Park) when you stay in Caribbean luxury hotels. Located 100 miles away from mainland Venezuela, this beautiful archipelago is composed of dozens of uninhabited islands and beautiful reefs that together form this idyllic setting. Fransiqui Island is one of the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago - which really is saying something - and you can arrange a boat trip here from Gran Roque, the only inhabited island.
2. Mopion
Mopion is a beach considered so perfect it has been featured on the covers of travel magazines the world over. When you are booking your stay in Caribbean luxury hotels, you could do worse than stay in St Vincent and the Grenadines, where you will be able to take a trip to this beach and enjoy fantastic snorkelling and perfect white sand.
3. Sandy Island
This long, beautiful stretch of sand is found in Anguilla, and it has long proved popular with visitors and locals. Go snorkelling in the reef and discover the huge range of tropical sea life below the surface, lie back on the sand with a drink, or retreat to the shade of the palm trees to cool off. Perfect.
4. Petit Tabac
Petit Tabac was chosen as a setting in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean', and it is not hard to see why. With its powder-soft white sand and tropical palm trees, this beach in the Tobago Cays National Marine Park in St Vincent and the Grenadines is the perfect getaway.
5. Sandy Spit
Sandy Spit is located in Sandy Cay in the British Virgin Islands, and this beautiful beach is everything that you could ask for if you're in search of Paradise. Relax in the shade of the palm trees, bathe in the warm water and go snorkelling on the reef, where you may even spot a rare leatherback turtle. All in all, it's not a bad place for a holiday.
The above beaches are some of the best that you will find anywhere in the Caribbean. Luxury hotels located near any of these will provide you with the setting for a dream holiday. Lying on a picture-perfect beach in the sun with the warm water lapping at your feet is one of the best activities to undertake while here, so seek out the above beaches and make your stay in the region even more special.
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