5 Museums You Should Visit in Buenos Aires

Argentina has a rich and diverse culture and history, and one way to appreciate and discover this is by visiting one of museums in the Capital, Buenos Aires. Here are just 5 recommended museums in Buenos Aires worth visiting:
1) Museo Evita
Let's kick off with probably one of Argentina's most famous names, Evita Peron. To learn all about the fascinating life of the nations former first lady you can visit El Museo Evita. Here you can see a large collection of artefacts related to different stages of Evita's Life, including photo's and glamorous dresses she wore on important occasions.
2) Museo del Bicentenario
One way to get idea of Argentina's history is by visiting "Museo del Bicentenario", the Bicentennial Museum. It was opened in 2010 and is situated behind La Casa Rosada. The museum is very well laid out in a chronological order of different era's from Argentina's past. On display are artefacts and memorabilia. Many with a connection to former presidents.
3) El Museo Mundial del Tango
Besides football and beef, Argentina is probably best known for the Tango, and a great way to appreciate this is by visiting El Museo Mundial del Tango, The World Tango Museum. It is part of the National Tango Academy located along Avenida de Mayo. The museum has a large collection of historical Tango memorabilia including instruments, posters, records, photos and clothing. There are also a number of Tango themed artworks and sculptures.
The Academy also has a number of dance studios where Tango lessons are held for all levels.
4) Museo Casa Gardel
Sticking to a Tango Theme, why not pay a visit to the former house of the "King of Tango", Carlos Gardel.
The house where he lived is now a museum and pays tribute to Gardel's life and music. Instruments, compositions and films are some of the memorabilia of exhibit.
5) Museo de Arte Decorativo
Finally, El Museo de Arte Decorativo, The National Museum of Decorative Arts, stands testament to the rich and elegant culture Buenos Aires has to offer. It has a huge collection of fine art that was collected by the wealthy Alvear family. Everything has a story, from the paintings to the furniture. Taking a guided tour of the museum is a great way to understand its history and get to know more about the paintings and furnishings.
Buenos Aires has many more museums worth visiting. Whichever ones you choose you will be sure to leave with a greater understanding about the great country and the people who have shaped it.
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